Discover the amazing rocks, gems and minerals of our world

Discover and collect the hidden treasures of our planet

Behold the most beautiful minerals from the Earth's crust. See their amazing colours, stunning textures and surprising forms. Sourced from all over the world; from Brazil, China, Madagascar and presented in display boxes that protect your precious collection and allow you to study all your samples.Precious Rocks, Gems and Minerals is an amazing collection!

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Planet Earth and Minerals
Dive into your magazine and embark on an exciting journey to the centre of the planet to discover the most amazing mineralogical sites in the world. We reveal the secrets of minerals, the powerful attraction of the most beautiful gems, how tectonic plates move and why volcanoes wake.

Wonders of nature

The desert rose whose petals are gypsum crystals, water and sand. Calcite, a mineral that the Romans used in the preparation of lime. Magnetite, mother of magnets. The galena, essential in the early radios. Fascinating gemstones like lapis lazuli, amethyst, tiger eye, blue agate, red jasper, emerald ...