Frequently asked questions – subscriptions

Here you'll find the answers to any doubts you might have about details of the collection and subscription terms and conditions. For more information don't hesitate to call our customer services centre on 0345 155 6396

What does each issue cost?

The first issue is available for just £0.99. All further issues will cost £5.99.

How many issues are there?

We have planned 100 issues for the collection.

What is the advantage of a subscription?

Subscribers get all issues delivered to their home at no extra cost. So you’ll never miss an issue. AND subscribers receive FOUR exclusive gifts!

1st gift: Precious Rocks poster with my first delivery.
2nd gift: A free issue with my second delivery.
3rd gift: Giant geoda with my fourth delivery.
8th gift: Microscope with my eighth delivery.
The additional materials provided with the collection are sent along with the following issues:

Display boxes: issues 2, 18, 38, 58 and 78. All display boxes are FREE.

What happens if the gifts are no longer available?

Should the gifts be out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute them with similar articles of the same value. The articles are a non-monetary bonus and therefore cannot be exchanged for the same value in cash.

When will I receive the different issues?

With the first and second delivery you’ll receive a maximum of three issues, depending on which issue you started your subscription with. A delivery of two issues costs £11.98 and the price for three issues is £17.97. From the third delivery you’ll be getting four issues every month for £23.96.

When must I make payment?

Payments are taken every 28 days for 4 issues at a time. At the start of your subscription some payments may be closer together in order to bring you in line with the latest edition.

What happens if one of my issues arrives damaged?

Should this happen, please contact our customer services centre immediately. Damaged issues can, with the agreement of customer services, be sent back at our expense to be replaced with an undamaged issue.

Will there be any cost for postage and shipping?

No, we bear all costs for you.

What is the Premium subscription?

For only £1 more per issue, you will receive sets of professional microscope slides for your microscope. In the set you will be able to look at insect wings, spider legs, ant mandibles and much more!

How do I cancel?

You can cancel a subscription at any time by contacting our customer services department.